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Wu Ziwei

1996 born in Shenzhen, China. Recently study and live in London, UK


Wu Ziwei’s artworks mainly based on biology, science and the influence in the society. Using a range of media like painting, installation, Audio-Visual, 2D and 3D animation, VR, mapping and so on.






China Academy of Art

SIMA(school of Intermedia art)

2018 till now


Computational arts

Honors and Awards:

2019 The BATSFORD Prize 2019 – Fine art catalog winner

2019 Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2019 New Media catalog Shortlisted Artists

2018 Lumen prize – The Meural Student Award

2018 Innovation and Entrepreneurship scholarship in CAA

2018 Outstanding graduates in CAA

2018 Xiapeng Scholarship

2017 Ali Scholarship

2017 Ali New Media “Geek Plan” Scholarship

2017 China Academy of Art annual figures

2017 Zhejiang Province Scholarship

2017 First Class Award Scholarship in CAA

2017 Miyoshi Students Scholarship in CAA

2016 Individual Scholarships in CAA

2015 Outstanding Class Cadres, Outstanding Team Members in CAA

2014 Top Ten Student Union Members in CAA


2019 Installation Work ‘The punishment of Tantalus’  Trajectories II  Watermans Gallery London

2019 Mapping Work ‘Mimicry’   IN THE DARK  The Cello Factory  London

2018 Installation Work ‘The punishment of Tantalus’  Non-exhibition Himalayas Museum,Shanghai

2018 VR Work ‘Cloud-in Shenzhen 2064’   I Art Youth Project —‘City. The dimension of individual’Yuan Museum, Chongqing

2018 FUI Work ‘2101 Shark Detection Report’  Holographia: 2018 International Intermedia Art Festival   Times Art Museum, Beijing

2018 Installation Work ’The punishment of Tantalus’    Excellent graduate exhibition of China Academy of Art

2018 Installation Work ’The punishment of Tantalus’    @port   

2018 VR Work ‘Cloud-in Shenzhen 2064’     Presence Folding

2017 Video Work ‘The punishment of Tantalus’ Nantong 53 Art Museum Andante-Image Type

2017 VR Work ‘Cloud-in Shenzhen 2064’ Shenzhen Architecture Biennale of Shenzhen and HK

2017 VR Work ‘Xian Feng Hao Jiao’ The 80th Anniversary of Chinese Communist Party

2017 FUI Work ‘2101 Shark Detection Report’ Hanghou Baima Lake ICIF

2017 FUI Work ‘2101 Shark Detection Report’ Shenzhen New Media Arts Festival

2017 VR Work ‘Degenerated Cyborgs’ Guangzhou Fengmian Art Museum

2016 Installation Works ‘Xianxiang’ Exhibition China Academy of Art

2015 Painting Works ‘Guang Chi’  China Academy of Art

2015 Film Photography ‘Self-portrait’ China Academy of Art


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