The punishment of Tantalus


Title                   The punishment of Tantalus

Year                   2018

Materials         Black walnut; Brass; Glass; Magnifier; Resin; Feather; Cocoon;                                            Loudspeaker


This inspiration of this work from the part of music torture in Bosch’s painting The Garden of Earthly Delights. Through the mechanism of the punishment of Tantalus, I created a new mechanism which can control others through audio. In several dimensions of magnifying glass’ view, we can see seven different little worlds. ‘they’ are being tortured.

The work hopes to explore and reinterpret the phenomenon of individual behavior being controlled and watched by external perspectives and sounds.

*Tantalus offended the gods and suffered in hell. He stood in the deep water. Whenever he was thirsty. The water immediately flowed away from him. Whenever he wanted to eat the fruit from the tree in front of him, the fruit rose in the air.


作品名                  坦塔罗斯的惩罚

年份                      2018

材料                      黑胡桃木 黄铜 玻璃 放大镜 树脂 羽毛 蚕茧 扬声器



坦塔罗斯得罪了神祇,在地狱备受苦难和折磨。他站在深水中间, 每当干渴想喝水,水立即从身旁流走;他又饥饿难忍, 每当想吃眼前树上的果实,果实就升向空中。




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