Cloud-in Shenzhen 2064


Title Cloud-in Shenzhen 2064

Year 2017

Materials VR made by unity

Corporate with Wang yingy, Li lu

The work is inspired by Peter Cook’s project ‘Plug-in-City’ in 1964. Cook imagined a “megastructure” that the city is composed of blocks and every block is removable.

Welcome to Cloud-in Shenzhen 2064 . In the future, due to the continuous development of the electronics industry and the intense urbanization taking over land, Shenzhen has gradually evolved into a new city that uses space for cloud computing to share space. If you want to download a certain lifestyle, you need to pass the credit evaluation first.

Cloud-in Shenzhen 2064 is for the ‘BI-CITY BIENNALE OF URBANISM/ ARCHITECTURE’ exhibition in Shenzhen in 2017.

作品名 云端深圳2064

年份 2017

材料 Unity 制作 VR作品

与王颖怡, 李璐合作






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