Degenerated Cyborg


Title   Degenerated Cyborg

Year 2017

VR work made by Unity

Corporate with Zhou bingjie, Zhang chenxuan

Welcome to the Space Natural Museum. In 3017, natural environment suddenly changes. In order to readapt to the new environment, the retrogressive animals re-develop tools, but they become extinct because of the use of mechanical tools. You will see the extinct animals below.

No.1 retrogressive Spine aequorea victoria. It lost its agile sports function because of the injection of

brain enhancer. The injection also results its motor dysfunction. The species is extinct.

No.2 retrogressive uterus cyborg did not have any rivals. Because of the invasion of rivaling species, it

grew out mechanical wings. However, the wings were broken, and they became dead afterwards. The species is extinct.

No.3 retrogressive Electrical energy bathypelagic fishused mechanical eyes to capture food. But the eyes

were broken, and they were not able to see the cells food and they are dead. The species is extinct.


No.111 retrogressive human being……


作品名 退化异体

年份 2017

材料 Unity 制作 VR作品









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